“Doomsday” has easily been the most overwhelming episode of Doctor Who ever since the new series started. I admit that I really felt like such an emotional wreck after watching the episode. In my previous entry, I complained about how the final plot for Series Two was not as good as that of Series One. Right now, I am going to eat my words. I could care less about the Cybermen, the Daleks and the breach between the universes. Most of the time, I was not even paying attention to the battle going on. Instead of being the culmination of Series Two, I regarded them more as side stories because for me, there were far greater things at stake. Throughout the episode, I was only concerned about one thing: What would happen to Rose Tyler? And I believe that for many fans of the show, her departure was the real climax of the Series Two finale.

I was not a huge fan of Rose in the beginning, but I have grown to love her as the episodes progressed, especially in Series Two. I have invested so much on her character that finding out how her story would end became such a big deal for me. After all, Rose has been the Doctor’s companion for 27 episodes. Her character should leave the show in a great way. I am sad to say though that, in my opinion, Rose Tyler was deprived of an ending she was entitled to.

Although Rose was alive and well and was reunited with her family, if I were to weigh her losses and gains, I felt that her loss was greater for two main reasons. First, to her dismay, she was stuck in this parallel universe, separated from the Doctor forever. And if this was not bad enough, secondly, Rose explicitly professes her love for the Doctor, but due to unfortunate circumstances, he was not able to reciprocate it. It was an emotional and heart-wrenching scene, and I just felt so bad for Rose Tyler. I mean, the least that the writer could do was to let the Doctor tell Rose that he loves her as well. It’s no secret! I am both sad and angry about how things ended between them because personally, I really believe that there should have been a better closure – not only for the romantic aspect of their relationship, but for the character of Rose, in general.

To end, I would just like to emphasize on how great a character Rose has been. Her curiosity, stubbornness and vulnerability throughout her stay in the Doctor Who-niverse were the traits that made her so distinctly human. But it was her strength and tireless faith that made her more than just an average companion. She died fighting, for crying out loud. You see, Rose has made it perfectly clear that she was not just a sidekick; she was a warrior, her own hero. So, thank you, Rose Tyler, the Defender of Earth. You will be missed.