Can I just say, that the Clockwork Droids with their masks on really gave me goosebumps, when they first appeared in the little girl’s room. I think it has something to do with my fear of clowns under the bed. If I was the child then, and I saw the Doctor rescuing me too from that creepy thing, I would also remember him for the rest of time, and be eternally grateful. Lucky for the Doctor, that girl grew up to be a very fine looking lady, with a noble blood and a smoking hot body. I also liked the teaser before the opening theme, where Reinette asks the Doctor for help. The sense of urgency was a good build up for the rest of the episode.

What made me love this episode, besides the fact that Reinette really makes my clocks tick, is the concept of the time windows, and how 5 minutes in the Doctor’s time in their “present” are years for Reinette in her concept of the “present.” The concept was absolutely brilliant, and the Doctor, being a Lord of Time, dabbles into it as if he knows it front and back.

However, there was one scene in the episode that kind of threw me off. When the Doctor found himself stuck in that time frame, and he realized at the moment that there was nothing he could do about it, he actually thought of settling down the “long road.” First of all, as a man, I find that there could be nothing wrong to that situation, when a gorgeous lady asks you to stay with her for the rest of time. However, in the matters of also being a man, I could not fathom the idea that I would just settle down and leave Rose hanging in the spaceship. It’s a good thing that they found a way out of the rut, but unfortunately, after everything that has happened, the Doctor couldn’t have even made it in time at least for a decent farewell.

All in all, this episode worked very well for me. Mickey went along with them, there was a horse in the ship, and the melodrama boded well with the creepy androids. The writers also even had time to mix in a bit of morality issue in the episode, when they explained that they used the part of the androids to keep the ship working.